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The Laboratory in Adarsh Vidya Kendra is well-equipped with all the latest and necessary instruments and tools needed for learning.
• It is a safe and secure environment for the students to learn and explore.
• Our laboratory is designed to encourage students to participate in experiments and activities, thereby helping them gain practical knowledge.
• We have qualified professionals to guide the students and ensure that they get the best out of their learning experience.

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Adarsh vidya Kendra school -avk school-computer lab

The Computer Lab at Adarsh Vidya Kendra is an advanced facility equipped with modern technology and software to provide students with a comprehensive and practical understanding of computer science.
• Our lab is designed to encourage students to develop technical skills and enhance their innovation.
• Our experienced and knowledgeable teachers provide students with personalized guidance to help them navigate through various programming languages and software applications.
• The lab also provides a platform for students to collaborate and work on projects, improving their teamwork and communication skills.