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Adarsh Vidya Kendra School - Alumini |

     The alumni of Adarsh Vidya Kendra School are accomplished professionals who have completed their studies and moved on to various stages of their careers, some of whom have achieved great success and made significant contributions to their respective fields. They are proud to be associated with the institution and have a strong attachment to their alma mater.

These graduates are supportive of current students and recent graduates, providing mentorship, advice, and other forms of support. They stay connected to the school through alumni associations and events, which provide opportunities for networking, socializing, and staying in touch with other graduates.

Alumni Day!

A Time for Reflection, Connection, and Future Collaboration”

Alumni Day is an eagerly anticipated occasion for every student, as it provides an opportunity to reconnect with former classmates, engage in diverse activities, and reflect on past experiences. The Alumni Meet serves as a platform for current students to collaborate and brainstorm innovative ideas for the future.

Alumni Celebration

Annually, our institution hosts a Reunion Festival that is sure to delight educators, thrill students, and bring joy to the management. This highly anticipated event provides an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their former classmates and celebrate.

With a variety of activities on offer, such as reunions, dinners, and awards ceremonies the Reunion Festival is an occasion that strengthens the bond between alumni and their educational institution.